Is Buying a Timeshare in Kauai or Renting a Hotel Room Better?

Kauai might have been the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands but it is relatively a new discovery on the tourism map. The state tourism authorities failed to see it as a prospective tourist island until they developed the island to facilitate more tourists and hence could generate more revenue. The 1million+ tourists in 2007 figure leaves no doubt about the fact that of recent, Kauai islands have become one of the most preferred islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.

The Tourism Industry in Kauai 성남룸싸롱

The state government should be praised because of the way it has developed the island’s tourism potential. It is the top contributor to the Kauai economy. Related businesses and services are also the important contributors to the same industry. Not surprisingly, hotels, food and beverages and allied industries contribute to the growth of the islands. Since the island is mainly volcanic soil, it is very fertile to grow cash crops such as fruits. Since tourists are a top draw, there have been initiatives by the government to include something like ‘fruit-tourism’ as well.

The Na Pali coastline in the island is something that draws the most number of visitors. It is surely what visitors like to call ‘heaven on earth’. Tourists all over the world face a dilemma of staying at a new place; there is always a possibility that one could stay in hotels or explore other options like a timeshare (available selectively). Timeshare was recently introduced in Hawaii similar on the lines of the timeshare made available to tourists in the European Alps. Timeshare is basically ‘buying’ a property for a limited period of time from the recognized authorities. It is associated with luxury villas or condominiums in tourist places.

Actually, this concept was started on the demands of affluent tourists, but when their popularity grew, the rates came down accordingly. There might be a large property – different sections of which are sold off to tourists for a brief period, say 1-2 weeks or even more. The agreement might be of a lease property or part-ownership. It is like owning your home in a new place. The property is just like a home, fully equipped with all that a ‘holiday home’ would probably have.

Renting Hotel Rooms vs. Buying Timeshares

Hotel rooms, however nice and big they might be – cannot bring the charm of a home, ever. In tourist destinations such as Kauai, it becomes all more important to have properties that could be leased out to willing tourists and hence the development. The advantage with ‘buying’ timeshares is that you can always sell them off at higher rates than you bought them for, provided the authorities permit and the current rates allow (it rarely happens). The main advantage is the fact that you literally own the place (or a section of it) and is free to lead and live your holiday, the way you want to! So, the next time you plan a trip to Kauai, make sure you buy Kauai timeshares to enjoy your holiday in the best way.