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Art deco is a design style of architecture that was popular during the 1920’s and 30’s. This architectural design is very decorative and includes various geometrical designs with bold colors. The materials used in this type of architecture are typically glass and plastic. This design style is said to have originated through French luxury goods, which had these designs on them just before World War I. The name “art deco” comes from the 1925 Paris Exposition of Decorative Arts. Los Angeles has a variety of hotels with different architectures and ambience. There are also a number of hotels here that have been designed according to art deco architectural design and are called as art deco hotels. 833 angel number

The two well-known art deco hotels in Los Angeles are The Sunset Tower Hotel and The Georgian Hotel. The Sunset Tower Hotel was formerly known as The Argyle Hotel and was designed by Leland A Bryant in 1929. It has been known for its dramatic sunset effect, as it is located on the sunset strip and for it’s elegant art deco styling of architecture. This hotel has 15 floors and offers 64 rooms and suits that are all art deco designed. Apart from the art deco, the rooms in The Sunset Tower Hotel offer a true feeling of sophistication and luxury through their custom furnishings, upholstery and lighting.

The Georgian Hotel also features delightful ocean sunsets and panoramic views of Santa Monica Bay. It offers pristine services and amenities to business travelers as well as tourists. The Georgian Hotel was built in the 1920’s and 30’s during the coastal expansion of California.

The art deco hotels in Los Angeles bring in a feel of old Hollywood settings but in contemporary style. These hotels are considered to be unique as they help relive the rich history of the region dating back to the late twenties, the early days of Hollywood.